DDI customer order system



Functions of ediwareBOX

ediwareBOX can be provided with a powerful SQL database for sales catalogs and price lists which includes extensive search and sort functions plus an interface to an ERP system. An online database for provision of product images "in the cloud" is in preparation.

Apart from the exchange of the documents, article sales catalogs, price lists and updated daily special prices could be transmitted. This enables the trading to provide automized individually products for their customers. The buyers are offered a daily listing overview with convenient search capabilities and the option for an automatic transfer of the products into their own ordering system via the DDI module of the erp system

Through the many articles in this catalogs, a complete transferring into the own article master is not favored. Because of often no selection of the erp systems, we offer in cooperation with Informatikbuero Dempewolf the software DDI customer order system, which is installed with the ediwareBOX and is also free of costs with one partner.

On the basis of a powerful database and the look and feel of an excel sheet the tool offers the buyer a list of daily updated list of the product of his supplier. This also includes a large function of searching and sorting and, if necessary the option of article input into the own ordering system.

With the full version, you can put the products into a shopping cart and send directly a request or an order to your supplier via DDI
Message scheme

This is the suppliers chance to connect quickly with his business partners and to use this advantage with each other, compared to other partners which don't use DDI. Because of the comfortable data exchange every customer wants to be the next to present the own products this way to the business partners.

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Differences of the versions

Test versionDDI cos lightDDI cos with MySQL
Number of partnersunlimitedfirst partneradditional partnerunlimited
coincedent catalogs1unlimitedunlimited
Number of articles50unlimitedunlimited
Shoppig cart
Request / Offer
save as ASCII
indiviual table heads
save as csv
Pricesfree of costsonetime 89,- €5,- monthlyonetime 289,- €
10,- € monthly


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DDI customer order system Complete list of several price lists, the columns can thereby be moved or sorted 1/7

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