DDI-IO import



The DDI import takes the data out of the DDI ASCII format into a not specified internal data structure for universell software processing within the ERP system.
The transmitted PDF file can be used from the ERP system for any purposes, e.g. display on screen or archived confirming to the law.

Functions of ediwareBOX

The status bar from ediwareBOX indicates the incoming data. By clicking on the symbol a listing of all the received data occurs, this includes attachments, pdfs and the AS2 data itself.

This documents are ideally imported into the customer order system of the erp system via the DDI import module. This documents ,e.g Requests or offers, will be automatically checked by verifying routines if the articles are available and the prices are guaranteed. So the salesman can send an offer or an order confirmation as an answer within minutes with the push of a button.

Shop interfaces:

To import offers, many erp systems provide interfaces to (web)shop systems by default - and in reverse. In the furte you can find here a list of every shop interface, which supports the DDI ASCII format.


There are furthermore service provider which are specialized in taking over of indivdual raw data into shop systems. Companys, which have experience with the import of the DDI ASCII format, will be here shown on demand as well.


Special case - sales catalog:

Large sales catalogs aren't typically imported into the own article master.
This files, in EDIFACT PRICAT, are shown separatly in the data view of the ediwareBOX and could be dislayed by the separat available DDI customer order system. The "DDI cos" was developed by our co-operation partner for large data volumes. From the total list you can choose articles and transfer them into your own article master or create requests or orders via the integrated shopping cart.

Further information to DDI cos


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