DDI-CT with ediwareBOX



On the sender side the DDI/CT pattern creates an EDI file from the DDI export provided ASCII data, according to specifications of the UN/EDIFACT message standards EANCOM D96A.Permanent monitoring the data output folder, the processing will be started automaticly and without a time lap. Follwoing this, the EDIFACT file and the PDF file wil be encrypted and sigend send to the receiver, according to the AS2 specifications.

DDI with ediwareBOX:

The ediwareBOX is a DDI-CT module to the Converting and Transmission of the document data.
Download ediwareBOX inclusive manual (soon)


Using the ediwareBOX is free for communication with ONE business partner. If you want reachable for additional business partner, you need the ediware-DDI full package about 29,- Euro monthly.This contains the "ediwareBOX" software inclusive unlimited communication partner plus enrolment into the DDI partner database in the internet.

DDI partner database

Your entry in this "phonebook of DDI user" not only enabels potential data exchange partners to find you, but rather take over the mutually AS2 communication settings automaticly. Anyone who has coordinated AS2 copnfigurations and certificates between partners, will appreciate this automation.
For the establishment of an AS2 connection is an externally reachable port required through which communictaion should be run and which is not blocked by a firewall or similar.In addition, the port must be linked in the router using port forwarding to the PC, on which the local AS2 software is installed.

With our diagnostic tool, you can check the correct configuration of your system. This contains different tests. For a more detailed desciption pay attention to the attached manual.

Caution ! This service is not ongoing available. If you receive the message "Failes to connect to the server", please get in touch with us.
Download ediware diagnose


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