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The DDI/IO pattern is the interface to the ERP system. First of all, it consits the DDI export where the documents of the ERP system, e.g. request, offer, order, order confirmation, delivery note and invoice will be created and provided in a special folder in the DDI-ASCII and the PDF format, from where this data will be processed by the converting and transfer module DDI/CT.
Usually DDI relies on before the used messagte typs in EDI process. It starts with tranfer of article basics in services catalogs and price lists and facilitate requests and offer in first way. In addtion, the readable and flexible usable document type PDF is part of the DDI pattern.
For the provison of the raw data from the ERP system ediware DDI is using the ASCII format of the EDI converter EDI4ALL, with all the message content could be processed and that is already being used by over 100 EDI4ALL software partners.

Download the description of the DDI ASCII interface

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Of interest of licensing send us an email. The cost of licensing amount once-only 289,- Euro plus monthly 59,- Euro. However, the monthly fees are only payable if a charging ediware-DDI user is registerd.


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